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Wireless Mini Vacuum Cleaner USB Charging

Wireless Mini Vacuum Cleaner USB Charging

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Product Name: Wireless Dust Buster Mini Vacuum Cleaner - USB Charging Deep Cleaning

Product Name: Wireless Dust Buster Mini Vacuum Cleaner 

Package Contains: 1 Piece of Vacuum Cleaner
Material: Plastic ABS & Stainless Steel
Color: Color as per availability

  • Length: 10 cm
  • Breadth: 8 cm
  • Height: 10 cm
  • Combo/Set Of Pack of 1

Additional Information: Experience the convenience of deep cleaning with our Wireless Dust Buster Mini Vacuum Cleaner. This compact and high-power household cleaner is designed for efficiency, making it a must-have for maintaining a spotless living space.

Wireless and USB Charging: Say goodbye to tangled cords. This mini vacuum cleaner is wireless, allowing you the freedom to reach every corner without limitations. Convenient USB charging ensures you're always ready for quick cleaning sessions.

Versatile Cleaning Nozzles: Multiple nozzles provide versatility for various cleaning needs. Effortlessly switch between nozzles for different surfaces and areas, ensuring a thorough and precise cleaning experience.

Eco-Friendly and Reusable Design: Embrace sustainability with our vacuum cleaner's eco-friendly design. The reusable and washable HEPA filter promotes recycling, contributing to a cleaner environment while maintaining powerful suction.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality Plastic ABS and Stainless Steel, this vacuum cleaner is built to withstand regular use. The ABS thermoplastic polymer material ensures good toughness, making it a reliable and durable cleaning companion.

Dust-Blowing Design: Enhance your cleaning efficiency with the dust-blowing design. This feature allows you to target and remove dust from hard-to-reach areas, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home.

Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 10 x 8 x 10 cm and a weight of 400 grams, this mini vacuum cleaner is compact and portable. Carry it effortlessly from room to room, ensuring cleanliness is always within reach.

Make deep cleaning a breeze with the Wireless Dust Buster Mini Vacuum Cleaner. Order now and enjoy the convenience of a powerful yet compact cleaning solution for your household. 🛍️🏡


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